• Almonds Roasted Un-Salted 1kg

    Almonds have cholesterol-lowering properties and are a great source of vitamin E, dietary fibre, and also essential minerals including magnesium, copper, calcium, and potassium. The almond is actually a seed!
    Almonds are a tasty alternative to sweet or salty snacks, with a delicious built-in crunch. For this reason, smaller portions of almonds satisfy your snack cravings more efficiently than less-nutritious foods.
    Almonds contain 15 essential nutrients, and when compared gram for gram, almonds are the tree nut highest in protein (6g/30g serving), fibre (3.7g/30g serving), calcium (79mg/30g serving), vitamin E (7.9mg/30g serving), riboflavin (0.3mg/30g serving), and niacin (1mg/30g serving).

    Almonds are high in alpha-tocopherol vitamin E, an antioxidant nutrient that may help neutralize damaging free radicals in the body. A 28-30-gram portion of almonds provides 65% of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA).

    Almonds are high in magnesium (21%RDA/30g serving), potassium (10% RDA/30g serving), and phosphorus (21% RDA/30g serving), and a source of iron (8% RDA/30g serving).


    Excellent source of protein. Excellent source of fibre, to aid with proper digestion. Fibre has also been shown to help regulate blood sugar levels, and it is an important factor in lowering your risk of developing a wide variety of diseases. 28g of almonds also provides 7% of your daily calcium requirement and 7% of your daily iron requirement.

    Almonds are also an excellent source of folic acid—especially important if you’re pregnant or planning to be. Studies have shown that including almonds in your diet helps to lower your blood LDL levels (the so-called bad cholesterol). Almonds elevate the level of Vitamin E in your body.

    Vitamin E has been proven to be a powerful antioxidant, helping to promote healthy cell development and prevent cancer.

    Vitamin E has also been linked to a lower risk of coronary artery disease. Here’s a tip: eat your almonds with the skins on!

    The brownish skins on the exterior of the natural nut boost the almond’s antioxidant properties.


    We don’t recommend blanching almonds because blanching nuts removes their skin and they are no longer considered a whole food – the skin of nuts are nutrient-rich. Add a punch to plain yoghurt by mixing in some chopped almonds and dried fruit. Enhance a healthy sauté of curried vegetables with sliced almonds.

  • BBQ Royale Spice Blend 1Kg

    Favourite seasoning for red meat, chicken, chops and sausages. A dark orange to red spice blend with smoky, basil and pepper undertones. Widely used by butcheries and deli’s to season display fridge meat packs.

  • Black Garlic Pink Salt Tin 250ml

    This is a very trendy flavourful salt. Himalayan salt and fermented garlic (black garlic). This is a natural substitute to table salt. Kids love this one!

  • Braai Potjie Spice Blend 1Kg

    The all-time traditional spice blend of the basic natural spice elements. Used as a sprinkle on all types of grilled meat and popular to enhance the flavour of stews, slow cooker recipes, and potjiekos.

  • Braai Salt Tin 250ml

    Braai and cooking salt with typical South African Flavours. Great gift!

  • Brazil Nuts 1kg

    Brazil nuts are a rich source of selenium: an anti-cancer mineral that promotes the self-destruction of cancer cells and boosts immunity, as well as lowering the risk of heart disease. . Brazil nuts also play a significant role in optimising the function of our digestive systems and metabolism, as they contain zinc.

    Ingredients: Brazil Nuts
    Origin: Bolivia / Brazil


    • Brazil nuts are one of the richest known food sources of selenium, with mean concentrations reported in the literature between 8 and 83 mcg selenium/g. If you eat two of Manoli’s Brazil nuts per day (about 7 g), you will have an intake of between 56 and 581 mcg of selenium. The South African RDA (recommended dietary allowance) for selenium is 55 mcg selenium (daily). Selenium is an essential trace mineral important for cognitive function, a healthy immune system and fertility for both men and women. It is also necessary for normal immune system function and contributes to the normal functioning of the thyroid. It also contributes to the normal maintenance of hair and nails.
    • Brazil nuts are high in protein and dietary fibre, supplying 1 g of protein and 0.7 g of dietary fibre for every two Brazil nuts eaten.
    • A serving of two Brazil nuts is a source of copper. Copper contributes to the normal maintenance of hair, skin and nails. It also assists with the formation and maintenance of bones and teeth.


    • Brazil nuts can be eaten as a snack. Additionally, they can also be enjoyed roasted, salted, or sweetened.
    • They also used in fudge, puddings, pesto, chocolate bar and crunchy bar preparations.
    • Coarsely ground Brazil nuts can be sprinkled over fruit/vegetable salads.
    • They also used in desserts, particularly in fruitcakes.
    • Add them to the soup as well as meat and vegetable dishes.
    • Brazil nut oil used in salad dressing and cooking.
  • Bushfire Chilli Byte Spice Blend 1Kg

    A unique distinct chili-based spice blend with a beefy tone and a prominent ‘byte”. Extremely popular and effective as a sprinkle or seasoning when prepping dried meat cuts and biltong strips.

  • Cashews Raw 1Kg


    Our raw SW320 cashews are quite possibly the best tasting! We scoured the globe to find the most delicious raw cashews on earth and our customers agree we did just that.
    Nuts are nutrient rich foods with wide-ranging heart and metabolic benefits, including reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and heart attack.  Nuts can be readily incorporated into healthy diets.Cashews are a source of protein, phosphorus, iron and zinc and are high in energy, dietary fibre, monounsaturated fats, magnesium and copper. It is also naturally low in sodium. Here are a few of the health benefits of adding cashew nuts to your diet: 

    • Nuts have a beneficial impact on many heart disease risk factors and may even help in weight loss.
    • Cashews are high in energy. A 50g serving of cashews provides 1 267 kilojoules.  In addition, cashews are a source of iron and high in magnesium and copper, all of which contribute to a reduction in tiredness and fatigue.
    • Cashews contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system, being high in copper, and a source of zinc (both antioxidants).
    • By being high in copper and a source of zinc, cashews contribute to the normal maintenance of hair, skin and nails.
    • Magnesium and copper assists with the formation and maintenance of normal bones and teeth.
    • Cashews are high in dietary fibre, providing more than 3 g per 50 g serving.
    • They are high in monounsaturated fatty acids. Replacing saturated fats with monounsaturated fats (MUFAs) in the diet contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels. 


    • Cashew nuts can be eaten, on their own, as a snack.
    • Make your own cashew butter by blending whole, raw cashews in a food processor until smooth.
    • Top main dishes such as fish or chicken with a mixture of chopped cashews and herbs before baking.
    • Cashews are fantastic in a curry.
    • Mix cashews into your next salad or stir fry.
  • Honey BBQ Spice Blend 1Kg

    BBQ spice blend with distinct honey and pineapple flavour. The seasoning also has a combination of peppers, mustard, basil, and caramel undertones. This spice blend complements poultry and pork either as a marinade seasoning or sprinkle when grilling.

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